Plan B: it’s not just for when the finances go pear shaped.

The arts have been operating in a changeable funding environment with decreasing success rates for the past decade. There have been some positive developments too. New philanthropists, support programs and donors are making an impact in the space, and local governments have stepped in to support grass roots projects and organisations. But if you liveContinue reading “Plan B: it’s not just for when the finances go pear shaped.”

Federal Arts Funding cutbacks (take 2)

So here we go again huh? If you’re running a small to medium arts company right now I feel for you. I especially feel for you if you’ve just heard that your funding isn’t going to continue. I was in your position a few years ago when I was the CEO of Legs on theContinue reading “Federal Arts Funding cutbacks (take 2)”

The Art Of Resilience

This past week has been a big one for the arts industry in Australia. Actually it’s been a kinda big week in the life of Australia. For just a smidgen under half of the population our Federal Election results were a devastating blow to heartfelt values. Australia had an opportunity last Saturday to address longContinue reading “The Art Of Resilience”