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THIS IS WHO WE ARE (TIWWA) is a UK-Australian movement of intergenerational & intersectional women artists, producers and creatives of colour who are transforming sectors, thinking and spaces. With heritages including African and Caribbean, First Nations, West, South and South East Asian origins, we are amplifying our collective power through arts and cultural events, socials, professional development resources and gatherings which champion the values of social justice, creativity and care. The program is part of the British Council’s UK-Australia Season 2021 – 2022.

The Program

Myself and Melanie Abrahams, UK-based arts curator and producer, will be mentoring thirty artists, producers and creative professionals as part of the programme.

The mentees have been benefitting in a variety of ways: a sense of connection, an encouraging sounding board, the potential for global and cross-cultural perspectives, intersectional conversations, deep listening, clarity and support with current projects and future possibilities.

The sessions were free of charge for mentees and are funded through the TIWWA programme and The British Council

The Mentees


Adele D’Souza

Aleshia Lonsdale

Alex Roberts

Bonnie Starick

Danielle Tuwai

Denise Robinson

Fikrte Bushell

Frances Madden

Olivia Welch

Rosie Lourde

Wanitha Tanasingam

Yasmin Gurreeboo

Lauren Mullings


Eileen Bellot

Heather Marks

Helen Thomas

J C Niala

Laura Fish

Moonlie Fong

Selina Nwulu

Valda Jackson

Wacera Kamonji

Yilis del Carmen Suriel

For media enquiries about the program: thisiswhoweare@gmail.com

The mentoring programme is part of This Is Who We Are which is part of the UK-Australia Season and is co-curated by Kath Melbourne and Melanie Abrahams.

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