Advice + Strategy

Do you want to build capacity?
Are you changing direction?
Do you want to grow?
Want more time to do it all?

I’m a trusted Advisor to a diverse range of organisations and individuals. I understand the creative and ngo sectors and I’ve seen just about every kind of problem. The start of this decade has been unprecedented in its challenges.

You’re juggling day to day challenges while simultaneously catching new opportunities. It can be hard to find the brain space and time. I’ve been in your shoes. Give me a call.


Want to dive deeply into your plans for the future?

I can help you with:

A one hour Phone a Friend Service– getting you through a specific problem and clearing the white noise.

Solo and small business plans for creative and social enterprise

Project plans and budgets

Defining your work and communicating your process and approach

Professional mentoring and skills coaching


I can collaborate with you to co-create a financing plan for your organisation or project, including grants, earned income and social enterprise models.

Have a short term Executive staffing deficit? I can assist with advice, back up and the completion of time sensitive work, providing you with the capacity to keep working on long term solutions and the day to day tasks of the important work of your organisation.

Let’s create a unique and meaningful unique package of workshops, coaching, writing and milestones so that your plan becomes a motivating and adaptable blueprint for your organisation instead of ending up a pretty document buried under dust on the top shelf.


Having a respected history of work in government I can provide sound advice or feedback on the development of funding programs and policy or the design of facilitation and community engagement strategies from the perspective of someone who has been on both sides of the funding paywall.

The link between policy and the resourcing of it through strategic programs is something that the nerdy part of me relishes.

Let’s create a clear through line from policy development, to programming right through to grant application and acquittal design. Ensuring you are able to connect with and measure the impact of your policy.

Kath has worked with us to help us to sharpen our strategic plans; to communicate our impact; and to develop new relationships to benefit our mission.

She brings experience, intellect, integrity, and a big heart to work. Kath asks great questions, and opens precious space for useful ideas to flourish.

Her skill set is broad and adaptable – so ask, and you shall receive! She is an excellent listener and she will become fluent in the language of your organisation quickly.

Jane Stratton CEO Think + Do Tank Foundation, Founder Lost In Books

I reached out to Kath for advice in a fit of panic. Her approach was simple, she did her homework on my situation, allowed me to share my frenzied mess of confusion and then talked me through the options, gave insight on the players involved and guided me to the best solution!

Kath is astute, clear, professional and kind. She was efficient with our allotted time and in the end gave more support than I ever expected. You won’t find a better consultant.

Anna Louise Paul- Dance Maker

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