Need a little help to cut through the white noise?

This week I’ve been talking to a number of colleagues in the arts industry and NFP’s about the challenges of working in small organisations with limited executive staff, particularly in regional and remote areas.

They spoke of isolation, a lack of trusted networks and experienced people to bounce ideas off; and the tricky task of talking about confidential professional issues in a small community. It can make moving forward confidently a challenging task.

Particularly if you’re weighing up between offers, opportunities, have difficult decisions to make, or if all the different possible solutions have made your brain fog over with white noise.

It became clear as I spoke with people that there was a need for a simple, independent, confidential and cost effective service. A professional ‘phone a friend’ who was there to listen, provide insight, information, resources, to cut through the white noise and help map out the path forward.

So I’ve started a new service, both for existing clients and new ones! Artists, arts workers and NFP workers, get in contact if the white noise has you feeling a little submerged!

You can get in touch with me to book in a one hour ‘phone a friend’ via email:

*Please note-I offer a special discounted rate for this service to individuals, please get in contact via email if you’d like me to work organisation wide or with multiple employees.

There’s been some great feedback from clients on the sessions I’ve run this year.

Image: Jim Lawson in The Crossing


Kath Melbourne holds an unique ability; to identify what it is I am really trying to do & why I want to do it, before any further conversation takes place; before considering what the path might then be for that project. Often I find myself reflecting more deeply about what I am setting out to achieve after speaking with her.
Kath’s extensive experience, networks, and ‘arts smarts’, which she is graciously willing to share, means new opportunities often arise – ones perhaps I had not considered. Her gracious good humour and generosity in the process also allows me to clear any white noise – to drill down on exactly what it is that is driving the passion for this idea or that project.

Jim Lawson

Creative Director


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Access all areas?

This week I’ve been pondering about diversity. Particularly I’ve been pondering about the people and organisations who passionately pursue it as a measure of their success, and those who, by their communications and systems (sometimes without thinking), prevent it.

Last night I attended an information session for a tremendous organisation sharing a fantastic opportunity to travel overseas to stretch limitations and knowledge and grow potential.

We heard from a brilliant food scientist who had received a fellowship and she had grown tremendously from the experience…

The other presentations were somewhat trickier if you ask how they were encouraging diversity.

We were told the decisions would be made by a panel of ‘wise men’, we were told that you needed to self fund lost wages- (ie tough luck if you were working class and lived hand to mouth) and in a jaw dropping turn of phrase, one recent fellow described Indigenous instruments and music as ‘ethnographic’ as if somehow we didn’t embody a living, breathing, evolving, contemporary culture.

And I don’t think The Churchill Trust even realised it, but it’s these cues that help say ‘if I’m not like you I don’t belong here, and there’s no point going through the process and getting my hopes up if I don’t’

Throughout my career I’ve been attracted to projects and organisations who were interested in ‘levelling the playing field’. I think it’s probably part of the makeup of a human who hasn’t always had a comfortable life.

Some of my most satisfying moments have been when I’m working in a place that furthers this. Like setting up Platform Youth Theatre with the first youth governed board of its time in Australia. Or leading ArtStart for the Ozco, and being able to make a strategic difference in the lives of over 1,000 artists at a time that can often make it or break it, particularly for those who don’t have family money to draw on.

I’m working with a client at the moment whose awareness of the barriers to access, both for regionally based artists, and those outside of traditional establishments, is keen and nuanced. They are humble, empathetic and very accomplished.

You know, sometimes it’s just a slight shift of thinking, an opening up to the thought that diversity is an asset, not a box to tick and the best stories are found in places you least expect them…

Picture- street art Hobart, artist unknown

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So this is the start of my blog…

picture Amy Brown


I’m a Creative Industries and NFP Consultant based in Southern Tasmania, as well as a writer and reviewer for ArtsHub. I work here locally as well as nationally and internationally.

These ponderings will be a complement to my new website and provide you with a backstage invitation into my work and lifestyle here in Tasmania. There will be plenty of thoughts, reviews of work, and of course the blatant overshare of beautiful pictures of Tasmanian vistas and my hound Tully being overjoyed.

Occasionally there will be some reminiscing on a life and career well lived or some pondering on key issues facing the sector and independent life, and every so often I might pop in and share some of the creative pieces I’m working on.

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About me:

My broad career has encompassed leadership roles in Federal & Local government, leading national grant programs and strategies as well as executive roles in the private creative sector, festivals & NFP’s. I have been recognised for creating bespoke strategies to solve challenging problems & enjoy working with & understanding new communities & sectors. I love work both on and off stage that is muscular, robust, meaniful and memorable.


I’m getting ready to launch my website in May and it will outline the full range of services and workshops I offer. I hope there’s something that grabs you!