Ten Days on the Island and my epic adventure through the heart of it all.

I’m setting out tomorrow at dawn for what started as a crazy idea I pitched to my rather fantastic Editor Richard Watts, at ArtsHub.

You see, I wanted to undertake Festival Director Lindy Hume’s challenge of taking an epic journey through Tasmania; to navigate with intrepid curiosity both the festival program and the landscape. I wanted to understand more about how a festival expressed and spoke to a sense of place, and how audiences responded to this creative well spring of ideas and art that pop up in their communities in March.

The program is diverse and adventurous.

We start at dawn on a beach in Devonport sharing a Welcome to Country and end with a world premiere of a new work by Kate Mulvany- The Mares, with Tas Theatre Company in Hobart.

So that’s where I’ll be for the next three weeks. I’ve packed a few opening night frocks, beanies, scarves, a puffer jacket and my cozzie. It is Tassie after all, just like Queensland except different- here we’re playing in the sand one day, playing in the snow the next!

And of course Tully, my big stick loving, water dog is coming too. She’s got a comfy spot at the back of the Winnebago and is totally ready to lose her stuff over all the new flora and fauna.

I mean, what’s an epic road trip without a dog?

I’m looking forward to the glorious conversations, the art, performances, contemplation and films, and all the epic vistas between. I hope to see you at the festival!

Keep an eye out on ArtsHub- I’ll be writing a feature after each leg of the festival, just in case you’re not taking the epic adventure too…


For more info on the Ten Days on the Island Festival Program:


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