Workshop Offerings

You’re here because you’re looking to build personal and organisational capacity. You’re looking for workshops designed by someone that understands your sector and that speak directly to your situation.

You’re here because you’d rather stab yourself in the face with a fork than sit through another completely irrelevant workshop again.

Workshops for Individuals

Building a resilient and sustainable professional life A sustainable professional life in the arts, small business or creative industries is more than making money, it’s making sure you glean creative fulfilment, the emotional resilience and the financial smarts to make it work in the long term. In this workshop you’ll discover pragmatic and imaginative ways to get your financial and creative shit together and pull together an individual mini strategy to take with you. Full day workshop Maximum 20 people

Talking about yourself without sounding like a wanker. A workshop for the kinda shy, the humble and terrified. This workshop will unleash new confidence in speaking about your achievements, what you are all about and helping you articulate where you are going. Covering both verbal and written communications, you’ll come out of the workshop with a revitalised biography, a set of descriptors you reckon hit the spot, and a little swagger in your walk. A half day workshop Maximum 25 people

Workshops for Organisations

Want to build a readiness for change, agility and adaptability? Want to deepen connections and increase the sense of community, cohesion and impact? Together we’ll dive into the individual tools to build personal adaptive resilience and the organisational understanding needed to be sustainable.

These workshops are fantastic for visual thinkers!

Building resilience and sustainability in organisations and teams. This workshop delves into the financial, human capacity, resilience and sustainability of your organisation. Taking an holistic approach, together we’ll examine how your organisation is tracking, what opportunities are yet to uncover and what icebergs might be lurking just under the surface.

One or two day workshop plus pre meeting. Maximum 12 people

Working with integrity. Many organisations have brilliant and aspirational ideals at strategic planning time, but how do we embody those values and inspire staff to embody them in their everyday work? This workshop is about truly building an organisation that lives and breathes those values that you aspire to. For staff, board and leaders of small to medium organisations. A full day workshop plus pre meeting Maximum 12 people

Bespoke Creations

I can design custom built facilitated sessions for retreats or staff development days and have the capacity to bring in additional collaborators to work with me to ensure you get the most from your workshop.  Just get in contact and we can talk about what you want to achieve!