Why me?


I’m open and curious. I relish multilayered projects, engaging meaningfully with communities and stakeholders and getting to the heart of what you want to achieve, providing you with a way forward. I’m one of those people that never stops asking questions – I’m an avid and enthusiastic listener. I grow and learn along side each client I work with and I’m determined to bring you solutions that best suit your individual needs.


I often work with clients at a sensitive time, your trust in me is important, and the information you share is confidential. I bring to projects intellectual rigour, pragmatic understanding and innovative contemporary creative thinking.  My pricing is transparent, so there are no unpleasant surprises.


I bring a sense of adventure to my work and I hope that each project I work on involves a sense of possibility, imagination and creativity. Each new project is a new story, a new set of possibilities. Even budgets and financial modelling can be adventurous- because it makes goals and aspirations concrete!


I work with staff and boards and not against them. My engagement is about solving problems and working together to plot a path forward. Transparency, honesty and respect are key values that work well with change, innovation and success.

Holistic Thinking

It’s very seldom that there is a singular solution to multi layered challenges. I take a holistic approach to each individual or organisation I work with.   I couple pragmatic fiscal and design thinking with the infinite possibilities that come with thinking ‘what if?’


Sometimes change can be challenging, sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them to. I’m the type of consultant who challenges gently, nurtures where needed and is kind when you’re not coping.