Happy Campers

Jim Lawson- Vessel

photo- supplied

As an independent artist developing projects across a range of contexts, it is critical to have access to individuals and organisations that can help bring those projects to life. Kath Melbourne holds an unique ability; to identify what it is I am really trying to do & why I want to do it, before any further conversation takes place; before considering what the path might then be for that project.

Her gracious good humour and generosity in the process also allows me to clear any white noise – to drill down on exactly what it is that is driving the passion for this idea or that project.

Kath’s extensive experience, networks, and ‘arts smarts’, which she is graciously willing to share, means new opportunities often arise – ones perhaps I had not considered.

Jane Longhurst

At the start of 2017 I started nurturing a research concept I wished to seek professional development funding to support. I recognised Kath’s name from her association with many leading national arts companies and festivals so I was confident she would recognise a solid argument from a poorly articulated one.

Through luck, timing and circumstance I contacted Kath Melbourne and from her first assessment of an early draft I knew I was in the safest of hands.

Kath acts as editor certainly but I found our conversations via email and phone a de facto mentor in Kath, a sounding board and someone who keenly listens and understands your professional needs and goals.

Kath doesn’t tell you what to write, rather she asks pertinent questions, points out anomalies in your argument and identifies where you have nailed an argument eloquently which is hugely encouraging.

Charlotte Haywood

Photo- Kate Holmes

I work as an interdisciplinary artist across the fields of visual art, film and theatre. I engaged Kath Melbourne at a critical cross roads to help visualize strategies for future developments, growth and outcomes of my practice. Kath is now my go to when I am talking critically engaged cultural projects that need holistic understanding.