Do you want to build capacity?

Are you changing direction?

Do you want to grow?

Want more time to do it all?

Testing the waters

I’m a trusted Advisor

For the times when you need a sage sounding board or a framework for decision making. Or when you’re simply looking for an empathetic beacon to guide you through it.


Place your trust in me to edit your annual report, application or strategic plan and we can work together to communicate what you do with authenticity and impact. Expanding your reach and connecting with stakeholders, communities and audiences.


I can collaborate with you to co-create a financing plan for your organisation or project, including grants, earned income and social enterprise models. If you’re short on time I can write them for you too!

Short term growing pains

Have a short term Executive staffing issue? I can assist with advice, back up and time sensitive work, providing you with the capacity to keep working on your long term solution and the day to day tasks of the important work of your organisation. I understand the arts and not for profit industries and I’ve seen just about every kind of problem. I’ve been in your shoes. Give me a call.

Or diving right in?

Annual contracts

Are you an organisation that likes the certainty of working with someone who understands you and knows the ins and outs of how you work? I offer long a term annual engagement discount for clients who want to work together over the year across several projects. I like certainty too!

Strategic Planning

Let’s create a unique package of workshops, coaching, writing and milestones so that your plan becomes a motivating and adaptable blueprint for your organisation instead of ending up a pretty document buried under dust on the top shelf.

Organisational transformation

I can work with boards and executives to build organisational integrity and resilience.

Leading an organisation of motivated switched on employees is a joy. But it doesn’t always work out that way. A changeable funding environment, environmental challenges and diverse workplace attitudes can all contribute to an organisation not working in its full glory. Let’s work together to increase productivity and build the trust and investment of stakeholders, partners and audiences. Assisting you to align internal goals, values and decisions with the public face of your organisation. And most importantly, giving you the opportunity to get into a big picture head space.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges

Let’s catch up and discuss what challenges you are facing and create a plan to get through them.