There are many reasons why you engage me.

You’re changing direction

You want to build capacity

You’re growing

You’re at a crossroads

You need someone like me

Want to bring your organisation together?

Organisational Integrity

I can help you to build organisational integrity and resilience during the planning, evaluation and implementation stages of new projects and strategic plans.  Assisting you to align internal goals, values and decisions with the public face of your organisation. In turn motivating staff, increasing productivity and building the trust of stakeholders, partners and audiences.

Organisational Resilience

I can assist with sustainable growth, repositioning or reduction strategies, working together to create a way forward that is pragmatic and within budget parameters. Giving you more time to focus on the immediate and pressing day to day tasks of the important work of your organisation. I understand the arts and not for profit industries. I’ve been in your shoes.

Financial and funding strategy

I can collaborate with you to create a financing plan for your organisation, including grants, earned income and social enterprise models.