Want to dive deeply into your plans for the future?

I can help you with:

A one hour ‘Phone a Friend Service’- A connected, experienced arts and business professional will get you through a specific problem and clear the white noise.

Solo and small business plans for creative and social enterprise

Project plans and budgets

Defining your work and communicating your process and approach

Professional mentoring and skills coaching

Professional writing – Including grants, c.v’s, professional statements, bios and content

One Happy Camper

Annalouise Paul- Dance Maker

I reached out to Kath for advice in a fit of panic. Her approach was simple, she did her homework on my situation, allowed me to share my frenzied mess of confusion and then talked me through the options, gave insight on the players involved and guided me to the best solution!

Kath is astute, clear, professional and kind. She was efficient with our allotted time and in the end gave more support than I ever expected. You won’t find a better consultant.